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Elizabeth A. Downey, P.C.
On-Call Litigator
What is it?

I have been litigating in state and federal courts since 1984, in both large and small firm settings. But it was not until 2004, after working in a sole practice for many years, that I discovered that larger operations sometimes need highly qualified help on a limited basis. 

Since then, I have added to my civil ligitation practice an additional service geared to other lawyers: on-call litigation.

When a new client offers substantial work but has a reputation for changing firms often -- I can add to your manpower so that you need not hire new attorneys until you know how likely the volume is to continue.

When a stayed case is remanded, and a judge requires an enormous amount of work on a very short timetable -- I can increase your productivity immediately without you having to increase your overhead.

When attorneys are in trial or on vacation and the work cannot wait -- I can fill the gap.

What is it?
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