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Elizabeth A. Downey, P.C.
On-Call Litigator
Why does it work?

When you need quick and efficient work of high quality, you don't want layers of administration, with its additional costs.  By contacting Elizabeth A. Downey, P.C. you will speak with me, the attorney who will do the work.  My experience and flexibility of approach will allow a seamless integration into your representation of clients.  

           The Value of Experience

Each of us has a unique voice.  I have the experience to adapt to your firm's voice and style, while remembering the audience for the written work: the Court or clients.  Having litigated in various courts and worked with various firms, I understand who is speaking and who is listening.  This means less editing for you -- a seamless integration is the goal.

This experience also means that I can quickly understand where you are in the case, what you would like help with, and I can offer substantial and effective help on legal theories, research, briefing, documents, discovery, or any other litigation task.   You'll get a quality product fast.

          Customizing Service and Fees

One size does not fit all.  When we speak, we can structure fees and services to fit your situation.  Flexibility in billing arrangements permits an overall reasonable rate to your client [M.R.P.C. 1.5(e)] and guaranteed profit to you.  This can be either hourly billing or a flat rate for specific projects.

Some  attorneys  have me work at their offices, particularly when they have documents that must not leave the premises.  Others like me to work at my office and email the result in document format.  Some want hard copies only.  Some attorneys want me to interact with their team or their clients, others do not.  Your situation dictates the best use of my services, and I am flexible.  

Why does it work?
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